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Grub fails to see drive?

From: Mike Magus
Subject: Grub fails to see drive?
Date: Sat, 6 Jul 2002 05:13:35 -0700 (PDT)

I'm using grub-0.91 on a redhat 7.2 system.  I have
two IDE drives with redhat on the master drive (hd0)
and windows on the slave (hd1).  I'm trying to get
grub to dual boot from the redhat drive, but it fails
to see the windows drive when in stage2.  I added
'(hd1) /dev/hdb' to /boot/grub/device.map and it now
works fine when I load it via the grub shell.  However
grub in native mode still fails to see hd1.  Do I need
to do something more to get grub to see the second
drive in native mode?  I tried reinstalling grub via
grub-install hoping that would update the device list,
but that didn't seem to work.

To stave off questions about if the second drive is
working, note that I can mount the windows drive while
in linux without problem.  And if I swap the drives so
that linux is the slave, windows boots without

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