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From: Linds ?
Subject: FDISK /MBR
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 01:25:55 +0000


I have installed GRUB on my /hda drive in order to boot 2 versions of Linux on /hda2 and /hda3 and it was working fine. However I am now trying to reinstall with Windows 2000 on the /hda1 and it requires several self starting reboots as I did not have this version of windows installed before. When I first tried installing I assumed that Windows 2000 would simply over-right the boot sector/mbr and I would use a floppy to boot Linux and re-install GRUB. However, I am unable to over-right GRUB in the boot. I have tried installing Windows 2000 3 times and every time it reboots I see the word GRUB and the boot process stops there. So it appears I have partly overwritten GRUB as it wont boot the PC either but it remains an obstacle to my installation. I has also tried FDISK /MBR, FDISK /CMBR 1, and SYS A:\ C:, which copied the DOS files, but none of these things have replaced GRUB and I still boot to "GRUB" and then nothing else. (I have only one hard drive.)

About the only thing I can think to attempt is doing a DEBUG to destroy the MBR and partition table on the drive and hope that if I replace all the partitions as they are now I wont lose any data. But of course this is very risky and I do not wish to attempt this if there is another solution.

One comment I must now make is that although I like GRUB better then LILO, as it is mush more flexible and simpler by design, LILO did make a backup of the boot partition that could be restored on un-installation. (I may have found the reason for that particular feature.)


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