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remote multi-boot decision

From: Acediac
Subject: remote multi-boot decision
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2002 10:22:44 -0700 (PDT)

I have a dual-boot linux 2.4.18 and Windows 2k machine at
home that I can use Wake-on-lan to start up remotely from 
work. Grub has been set up to boot linux and chainload

The problem is I'm trying to figure out how I can choose 
which system I want to boot up.

I have linux as default on Grub. If I could boot W2k once linux
is started, that would be a workaround -- I would always have
to boot linux, but I can get still get to W2k. So, is it possible 
to chainload into W2k once linux has started, *without* changing 
grub.conf? I tried running the grub commands interactively in linux, 
but when I issued the boot command it seg-faulted.
Basically I'm trying to get Grub to force boot to windows ONCE, but
on subsequent boots, default to linux again.

My other thought was to keep grub booting into Ntldr, and change
the boot.ini file before rebooting. This would mean I would need
to install grub's MBR onto the root partition, and get Ntldr to
chainload into grub... (I *think* this is possible...)
But this is ugly, and I would have preferred to make Grub do the 
work than having to rely on Ntldr :o(

Any ideas appreciated!


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