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Netbooting FreeBSD

From: Thomas Schweikle
Subject: Netbooting FreeBSD
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 22:58:24 +0200


I am trying to netboot FreeBSD using grub. But until now I did not have 
success. First I've set up:

title=Installation FreeBSD 4.6
root (nd)
kernel --type=freebsd /freebsd/kernel
initrd /freebsd/mfsroot.gz

In this case I received:
root (nd)
 Filesystem type if tftp, using whole disk
kernel --type=freebsd /freebsd/kernel
   [FreeBSD-elf, ...]
initrd /freebsd/mfsroot.gz

Error 19: Linux kernel must be loaded before initrd

Removing the initrd-entry made the kernel boot, but it couldn't find it's 
root filesystem. That was OK since mfsroot wasn't unpacked.

Next I tried to use "loader" changing line "kernel --type=freebsd 
/freebsd/kernel" to "kernel /freebsd/boot/loader". But now I ran into an 
other problem. "loader" doesn't know about tftp and thus isn't able to 
load "kernel" and "mfsroot.gz".

Any idea how I can boot freebsd via tftp using grub?


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