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HELP !! Cannot boot Walls-elf.

From: Karan Misra
Subject: HELP !! Cannot boot Walls-elf.
Date: 17 Aug 2002 10:13:40 -0000


I am having a weird night.
As a 1st year C.S. eng. grad., i am planning on a OS project which
i plan to later follow up. Initially i was using the Linux model
(aka PiggyBack) and loading using Lilo. As i was following a microkernel design, i was having nightmares about reading boottime modules and the kernel itself. However, hving recently bought RH7.3, i used Grub and was hooked. i completely changed my kernel and made it loadable using Grub.

everything was fine, but since i was going to use the LINUX model of 2 separate memory space ( one at 0x00000000 and one at 0xc0000000 ) i tried using ld'scripts to get the thing done. but now my kernel wouldnt even boot. all i get is a Triple fault (i use VMware to boot the OS from the raw hd ). Native booting dosent help either.

pls tell me how do i manage this feat:

the os kernel should be loaded from phy. addr 0x100000 (1MB) upwards but the virtual addresses in the kernel are all relative of 0xc0100000. ie, suppose my startup should happen at _start (beginning of .text segment) having logical address 0xc0100000 but should actually be present in memory at 0x100000. After i enable paging (like in Linux) normal symbol references should be allowed.

also grub should start the kernel at 0x100000 (although _start has a linear addr of 0xc0100000 in the elf image).

i will send my ld scripts to anyone interested, pls. help.



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