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[Bug-grub] disk-naming, Was: Can't boot my Windows XP partition

From: umidori kamome
Subject: [Bug-grub] disk-naming, Was: Can't boot my Windows XP partition
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 03:55:39 +0900 (JST)

Hey Yo Hoh, Alex and others!

First I want to thank you.

> Hope that helps

Well, kind of... I understand what you wrote (because I
knew this allready), but in the grub.control file (is that
the name? what is the difference between grub.control and
menu.lst?) of the first mail there was something like
(hd2,4) - so I thought it wasn't just one drive. But if it
was, fine.
Now, the reason I had written that mail, was I allready had
asked a question about cdrom-naming before, the answers to
which I didn't quite understand.
If I have one harddisk (hda) and one cdrom (hdc), will the
cdrom then be (hd2) -as I would expect it to- or is it
(hd1) - because there is no hdb in between?
Or can't I adress a cdrom in that way - how else?

I hope someone is able to enlight me in that matter
Thank you


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