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Re: [Bug-grub] any way to modify grub from windows?

From: Jason Thomas
Subject: Re: [Bug-grub] any way to modify grub from windows?
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 14:59:02 +1000
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the grub shell find any drives on windows.

you could if you have time write grub-savedefault executable which just
does that, and then build it on windows. probably a bit of work though,
but definately something useful. Actually maybe that wouldn't be so
difficult. I might even have a crack at it one day :-)

On Mon, Aug 19, 2002 at 09:42:44PM -0700, David Fallon wrote:
> So, I'm trying to setup an environment where I can remotely control dual
> booting machines, so I can remotely trigger which os (windows/linux) a
> machine boots up in. I'm trying to do this by setting the default boot
> in grub. Of the four possible configs (linux -> windows, linux -> linux,
> windows -> windows, windows -> linux), the only one I have problems with
> is the last one. So, my question is this: Is it possible to compile/run
> grub with the cygwin environment installed (or in general, will it
> compile on windows)? Alternatively, anyone have another suggestions? A
> windows equiv. to grub would be great, as well - there seem to be a few
> programs that will write to the MBR, but they all seem to be shareware.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated....

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