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Re: pxegrub from floppy?

From: Christoph Plattner
Subject: Re: pxegrub from floppy?
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 21:44:52 +0200

Hello !

You have to ways to get your goal !

You use a standard GRUB from floppy and use a config file
(`/boot/grub/menu.lst'), which has the line
        bootp --with-configfile
instead of defining menu entries. Then GRUB will open the
menu file from the TFTP server

You can build a "hack" stage2 using

        cat stage2/start stage2/diskless > stage2/stage2-diskless

Then you can do the primitive boot floppy

        cat stage1/stage1 stage2/stage2-diskless > /dev/fd0

This should work.

Version (1) is the more user-near and better solution.
Solution (2) is the hacker version !

So words to (1):

You can ofcourse combine local menu and network menu
(you can switch between them). For example one menu
entry of the local menu includes

title NET MENU
bootp --with-configfile

... and the menu on the server includes the line

configfile (hd0,0)/boot/grub/menu.lst

BTW: Do not forget the `(nd)/' inside the DHCP/BOOTP
definitions for the menu not to have a mixup with the
default devices (local or net).


Tobias Wollgam wrote:
> Hello
> <please cc me>
> Is it possible to use the pxegrub from floppy? I want to use it in
> computers that have a nic but do not support PXE.
> The computer should boot from floppy everytime. The pxegrub should load
> its configuration from tftp-server to  decide, if it to boot local or
> from network.
> TIA,
>         Tobias
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> Tobias Wollgam
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