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Grub Windows 98

From: chandle1
Subject: Grub Windows 98
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 10:51:33 -0500 (CDT)
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I am trying to boot diskless windows 98 workstations from grub.  I have pxe 
compliant system boards with the onboard LAN cards.  When the system boot my 
dhcp/tftp server provides the system with the pxegrub file. The system boots 
to a grub command prompt.  I can manually load a Linux kernel across the 
network using the example below.   I cannot figure out how to load a Windows 
98 image across the network for a diskless client.  Looking at this example:

Grub > root (nd)
Grub > kernel /tftproot/gnumach.gz root=sd0s1
Grub > module /tftproot/serverboot.gz
Grub > boot

I understand the reference to “(nd)”, but why are we telling the kernel that 
the physical root device is “sd0s1” when this is suppose to be a diskless 
client or is this parameter telling the kernel that the physical root device 
on the “(nd)” is “sd0s1”?  What would it take to download a Windows 98 image 
onto a diskless client?  The document failed to explain any further about the 
down load of diskless images.   Is there a detailed source for the commands 
for grub?  I would appreciate any help or references to help.

Thanks in advance,

Carl Chandler

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