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Installing a new Hard drive

From: Don Benesch
Subject: Installing a new Hard drive
Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2002 21:14:46 -0500

Can you tell me how to de-activate Grub so that I can install a new hard drive.
I have windows 98 and Linux 7.2 on separate disks in my system. I have a new 
hard drive for the
Linux side that I would like to install. I don't need anything off the old 
disk, but I need to have the windows
side remain intact and bootable.
I will then re-install Linux on the new disk and set up Grub.
I removed the Linux disk from the system and installed the new disk but the 
system wouldn't boot, it just
stopped at the boot loader.
I know that I can drop to a command prompt and run fdisk /mbr, but once again I 
need the windows disk
to be bootable and without any damage, and I'm just not sure if I'll loose any 
data by doing it this way.
Can you tell me how to accomplish this without losing my windows disk?


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