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booting OS/2

From: Fred Heitkamp
Subject: booting OS/2
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2002 21:01:39 -0400 (EDT)

I have OS/2 Warp 4.52 installed on the first disk of my
system.  This is the partition info.

   Device Boot    Start       End    Blocks   Id  System
/dev/sda1             1         1      8001    a  OS/2 Boot Manager
/dev/sda2             2       678   5438002+  1b  Hidden Win95 FAT32
/dev/sda3   *       679      1190   4112640    7  HPFS/NTFS
/dev/sda4          1191      2213   8217247+   5  Extended
/dev/sda5          1191      2213   8217216   83  Linux

This is the OS/2 section from my menu.lst

title  = warp_sda
hide (hd0,1)
hide (hd2,0)
unhide (hd0,2)
rootnoverify (hd0,2)
makeactive (hd0,2)
chainloader = (hd0,2)+1

The booting process seems to get to the OS/2 partition OK
but OS/2 complains and doesn't boot.  I can write down
the exact message if anyone's interested.

I saw a message in the grub mail archives that there is
some "secret" that may cause OS/2 not to boot that requires
use of Bootmanager.  However OS/2 can be installed without
Bootmanager and can boot without it.  I'm not sure that
means anything as far as Grub is concerned though.

I like to use Grub because of its features but it would
be nice if it could boot OS/2. Presently I have to make
the Bootmanager partition active to boot OS/2.  I would
use Bootmanager to boot Linux, but Bootmanager will not
see my Linux partition as "startable" or "bootable" and
so will not let me add an entry to the Bootmanager menu.

Does anyone else reading this list use Grub to boot OS/2

There could be some booting differences between OS/2 4.5x
and 4.0x.


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