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Re: GRUB not working with BIOS serial redirection

From: Sean Kormilo
Subject: Re: GRUB not working with BIOS serial redirection
Date: 16 Sep 2002 09:44:34 -0400

In my case, I inserted several debug grub_printf calls, and I know for
sure that it made it past the gateA20(1) call. The system I'm using does
have a keyboard controller. Unless this is somehow impacting the system
later in the initialization sequence I'm not sure this is the same

I still find it interesting that the non-CVS version (0.92) works just
fine with regards to the serial output on the system, but the 0.93 does
not. I believe that several fairly significant changes were made to the
serial support between the 2 releases, so perhaps there is still some
debugging to be done there.


> Grub now works fine for me, also.  It is conceivable that serial 
> redirection was involved in my problem, but the problem was cured  by using 
> the setup command instead of the install command (which I never did 
> understand), and I don't know what serial redirection is, so I can't 
> duplicate your experience.
> At 09:20 AM   9/13/02, Liberty Young wrote:
> >On our single board computers, we had CVS grub working just fine after
> >one modification. Our BIOS also does transparent serial redirection (we
> >are using General Software's BIOS), and i too saw the same thing
> >happen...Grub would boot up, then freeze...at first, it thought the
> >problem was with the serial redirection stuff, but that wasn't it. GRUB
> >would freeze after going into an endless loop trying to switch to
> >procted mode via a GATE A20...as there wasn't a keyboard controller on
> >the embedded product, it never left it. Perhaps this is what you are
> >also experiencing?
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