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RE: Help!

From: Bill Hoggett
Subject: RE: Help!
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 12:53:07 +0100

Hi Razvan,

> I installed Redhat Linux with grub as the boot loader.
> Grub was controlling booting into Windows 2000 on my
> laptop as well as Linux.  I erased the Linux partition
> from within Windows 2000 Disk Management service.  Now
> when i boot up I am prompted with a command line grub>
> interface.  How do I make it to save my windows
> partition?

When RedHat installed GRUB as the boot loader, it put the menu.lst and the
rest of the files on the Linux boot partition. When you removed the Linux
partition from Win2k, you got rid of all the GRUB files too. The boot loader
is still there - installed to your MBR - but it can't find the configuration
files any more, so you get a command line instead.

What you need to do is update the MBR on your hard drive to get rid of GRUB
and give you the default boot loader, which will simply go to the active
partition and start the OS it finds there. If you have no way of starting
Win2k, you should try and use an emergency boot disk, or something like
Partition Magic if you have it. Basically, anything with fdisk on it should
work fine. Set the Win2k partition to "ACTIVE" and then type "fdisk /mbr" at
a DOS command line prompt.

You should also be able to do it with the Win2k CD, but I don't recall doing
that so I can't describe the procedure.

Bill Hoggett

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