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Using Grub to boot from a bootable CD?

From: John Gay
Subject: Using Grub to boot from a bootable CD?
Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2003 23:50:16 +0000

(I'm not subscribed, but I'll be checking the archive for any answers in case 
you don't copy me directly.)

In anticipation of building a Linux system on my Daughter's PC, I installed 
Windows98 on one partition, then partitioned and formatted the rest of the 
drive for Linux.

Next, I built grub on my PC and used a floppy to install it on hers, setting 
up the menu to chainload Windows98. Now her PC boots from grub and loads 
Windows98. The next stage is to build Linux into the Linux partitions I've 

To simplify the process, I'll be using a bootable LFS CD, however, her PC can 
not boot from the CDROM, only floppy or hard drive. The boot floppy image 
that was used for the CD was 2.88M, since it's only an image, therefore I can 
not extract the boot image to a real floppy.

Is it possible to boot from this CD using the grub command line that is on 
the PC? I've looked through the doc's, FAQ's and mailing list, but don't see 
an answer. Am I missing something obvious?


        John Gay

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