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[grub #40] follow up. I did unhide (hd0,1)

From: mlaks2000
Subject: [grub #40] follow up. I did unhide (hd0,1)
Date: Wed, 05 Feb 2003 01:34:18 +0900

Reporter: address@hidden
Summary: follow up. I did unhide (hd0,1)
Version: .93 fresh install
Type: software bug

Ok i guessed that i must have done hide (hd0,1) and this hid the rest of my 
drive ( i really dont understand what hide does relative to linux?) and so i 
did unhide (hd0,1) from the grub  floppy and now i have the rest of the hard 
drive back and i can reboot via grub.

ok now what do i put in grub.conf to boot windows on it from hard drive number 
(hd1) (for my brother in law - i only use linux :) ).

what do i do so that pressing enter will let grub boot from linux on drive 
(hd0)? only will boot linux default type = "passively" (ie no enter at grub 
boot) from (hd0) using grub?

no similar problem with sony laptop redhat install? seems to be motherboard 
related? intel motherboard D850GB with latest bios just updated...
thanks mitchell

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