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HD to clone (os redhat 7.3)

From: Riccardo Castellani
Subject: HD to clone (os redhat 7.3)
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 14:23:55 +0100

I need having two same hard disks (included o.s.):
mounted on primary channel as Master and the other
mounted on secondary channel as Master.
I want to boot always system from primary disk.
I want to reserve secondary master disk
in destruction eventuality ,
so I can substitute it on primary master channel.
OS : only Linux Red Hat 7.3
Boot Loader:  GRUB
IDE1: prim. master HD: 19 GB   disk "hda"
IDE:   sec.   master HD: 30 GB   disk "hdc"
I tried to copy all disk from "hda" into "hdc", with Norton Ghost 5.
Copy failed at about 80% and system reset !
So I copied with "dd" command from Linux,
MBR (first 512 Bytes) and all partitions of my hda into hdb.
I modified with fdisk partition table in "hdc" because it's different size in front of hda.
When I put disk "hdc" on IDE1 as master and unplugged hda
system doesn' t start with a message GRUB !!!
Also Norton ghost i have the same problem copying partion to partition.
I supposed that there is something into boot loader which referencing to
particular disk ?!!
I don't understand why a phisical disk copy doesn't boot  !!!!

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