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Huge GRUB problem, can you help?

From: lithius
Subject: Huge GRUB problem, can you help?
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 05:49:33 +0000


I installed Red Hat Linux just yesterday, and for a reason that I don't know of,
the GRUB boot loader will not execute on the startup.  Instead, it says
something like, 'GRUB hard disk failure', but I can't remember the exact words,
I've been troubleshooting Linux for a while and haven't seen the message 

I have two hard disks installed - one of them has Windows XP, and the other has
Red Hat.  I am not able to boot into Windows XP ... I'm lucky to even run Linux
off the boot disk that setup created for me (glad I made that one).  I am a
digital musician and I just can't lose my work; I have thousands of songs and
thousands of dollars of virtual and physical equipment that I depend on.  I
haven't lost any of that right?  After all, I did tell setup to not touch the
master disk (Windows XP) except for the MBR.

I've tried reinstalling GRUB from both the Linux CDs and the FTP site.  I got
pretty darn close to getting GRUB installed with the downloaded file off your
site, but the terminal gave me messages like 'you do not have permission to this
folder', but I still can't remember what it said exactly.  Even when I logged in
as the administrator through my personal account.

Oh, one more thing ... when Linux was installing, right at the very very end of
the installation right after I clicked Finish to reboot the system, it gave me
numerous errors, as if it were installing the GRUB boot loader and my PC
rejected it.  Maybe it's the NTFS file system that's installed on my master disk
that GRUB's not compatible with.  I don't recall what it said, but I remember
that it printed text in batches, not just individual lines.

Can you help??  I'm totally in need of a working GRUB boot system!  Thanks for
reading my email.



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