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Some GRUB issues -Slow Windows XP boot.

From: Conley, Bryon G
Subject: Some GRUB issues -Slow Windows XP boot.
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 14:26:14 -0800

I have a dual boot system based on Intel IA32.  The two OSes
are Red Hat Linux 8.0 and Windows XP (Both systems.

Before I installed the Red Hat Linux 8.0 (and the GRUB bootloader), the
boots Windows XP lightning fast (about 4 seconds on one system and about 7
on the other).

The problem:
After performing the install and configured as a Dual OS.  When selecting
the Windows XP
option at the GRUB menu, it takes about 1 to 1 1/2 minutes to get the login
screen.  I
can't tell how slow Linux boots compared to if it were the only OS as I
never experienced
that situation.


1. Are there GRUB commands that I can use to solve the slow Window's boot?
2. Is there a version of GRUB that solves this problem?

Some ideas on this issue:
1.  Microsolft may be setting the udma modes earlier on in the MBR before
    off to the OS' entry point.
2. Grub may have tried to set the faster access, but it didn't happen for
the ATA66/100

My systems' configuration:

        1. Intel 1.4GHz P4
        2. 1 Gigabyte ECC RDRAM PC800
        3. Two Disk drives (HDA is 30GB-Windows XP space)
                                 (HDB is 80GM-RedHat Linux 8.0) A fresh
Install on clean disk.
        4. CD-ROM, NVIDIA GeForece 4 TI4600 (Soon to be Quadro 4 FX 2000).
        5. Motherboard Intel D850GB -Original Geraldbaldi Motherboard.
        6. DIsk HDA and HDB are Western Digital ATA100 devices.

        1. Intel 2.53 Ghz P4 133 Frontside bus.
        2. Druves HDA 80GB -Windows XP and HDB-160GB Promise =RedHat Linux
        3. 1GB Dual Channel DDR PC2100
        4. IWILL P4GB Workstation Motherboard.
        5. NVIDIA TI4600 AGP 4X.

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