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Re: Grub boot loader not working to boot off removable drive

From: David Balazic
Subject: Re: Grub boot loader not working to boot off removable drive
Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2003 09:32:25 +0100

"Jennifer M. Morse" wrote:
> I have a second hard drive caddy which plugs into the removable media
> bay of my Dell Inspiron 8100 notebook. This is the same bay as my floppy
> drive, so, I have to remove the floppy to access the second, 10 gig,
> drive. My primary drive is a 40 gig drive that holds Win2k. It has two
> partitions, the boot C: drive is NTFS. The E: drive is Fat32, and used
> to store all my document files.
> I updated the BIOS of my notebook to put the boot order as follows:
> CD/DVD drive
> Removable media hard drive
> floppy drive
> primary hard drive
> I installed Redhat Linux 7.3 right "out of the box" with Grub as the
> boot loader. It was the basic "notebook" install in the Redhat install
> screen.  I have the Personal edition that I ordered directly from
> Redhat. I installed it onto the removable drive. Because I don't want to
> write to the MBR of the primary drive, I configured the installer to
> create a /boot area on the beginning of the 10 gig drive. That way, when
> I remove the drive, the machine will boot to Windows, and when the drive
> is installed, it will boot to Linux (because it's earlier in the boot
> order than the C drive).
> When I boot with the 10 gig drive in the bay, it starts to go through
> the boot process and then stops with this error:
> root(hd1,0)

Change this to (hd0,0)

> File System Type unknown, partition type 0xde
> Kernel /vmlinuz-2.4.18-3 ro root=/dev/hdc2 hdb=ide-scsi
> error 17 cannot mount selected partition
> It doesn't technically "freeze", because I can still type on the keys
> and get responses. But, it alternates between the opening Grub splash
> screen, and the above message. The boot process is certainly halted from
> proceeding any further.
> That said, I've been asking around and as far as I can tell, it's likely
> to be a problem with Grub trying to load the C drive intead of the
> removable drive. Each drive is configured properly in fstab (the primary
> drive is hda and hdb, the removable drive is hdc).
> I'm able to manuever around in redhat rescue quite well. I can mount the
> installed drive and it's all there. It only won't work wiith Grub. I
> also haven't  gotten "find" to work although that may not be related.
> This is all the information I know how to provide. If you need more
> (especially specific documents), let me know so I can copy them out to
> text files.
> --
> Jennifer M. Morse (address@hidden)
> Brookhaven National Laboratory
> Physics Department -- Building 510 M -- ext 7710
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David Balazic
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