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[grub #53] terminfo command is broken

From: t . bubeck
Subject: [grub #53] terminfo command is broken
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2003 05:29:23 +0900

Reporter: address@hidden
Summary: terminfo command is broken
Version: 2003-03-04
Type: software bug

Unfortunately the terminfo command is broken. The problem is, that grub does 
not "unescape" the read terminfo sequences from "grub.conf". E.g. if 
"grub.conf" contains \e (two characters), then this has to get ESC (a single 
character 0x1b), but doesn't. The result is, that the terminal will not output 
the single ESC character but will output \e (two characters). No escape 
sequence will work.

Another problem is, that the terminfo command without any arguments should 
output the current settings but doesn't "escape" the current terminfo 
sequences. So the terminal will _execute_ the terminfo sequence instead of 
displaying them as a ascii text.

The last thing is, that the size of the terminfo structure entries is maybe too 
small. It is currently 32 bytes, but some terminfo sequences are 29 bytes. 
Probably some are longer. So I would suggest to make them at least 40 bytes.

Please find enclosed a patch to fix all of these 3 problems.

Please send followups to <address@hidden>.

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