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[grub #57] More than 2 primary partitions

From: kuoyuwu
Subject: [grub #57] More than 2 primary partitions
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 01:26:01 +0900

Reporter: address@hidden
Summary: More than 2 primary partitions
Version: 0.93
Type: software bug

My desktop has 60G HD. I divided into two primary partitions with 10G each. The 
other 40G be the extended partition.

1st Primary partition: Win 2000( first installing )
2nd Primary Partition: Linux Redhat 8.0( second installing )
Extended partition: For storing data.

The Grub runs with serious problem.
When I use RedHat 8.0, everything seens fine. But, once I change to Window2000. 
Win2000 tries to access 2nd primary partition. This makes my booting win2000 
very slow, and after booting Win2000 can't see any HD inside. Everytime when I 
open IE or click "MyComputer" then system crash. Is there anyway to slove this 
problem ? Or It is impossible to have multi-OS in this kind of HD. If possible, 
please send me a email with detail solution.

Please send followups to <address@hidden>.

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