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bootfloppy with menu.lst + stage files + kernel ?

From: mi
Subject: bootfloppy with menu.lst + stage files + kernel ?
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 22:59:18 +0100

i try to move a lilo system to grub. It's not easy for me to overlook things, 
with  Debian woody 3.0 as main OS, some other Linux's and Win2000 also,
on 2 seperated Harddrives; and I fear to make something wrong.

What would give my heart peace is a bootfloppy with all grub stage 
loaders, menu.lst, and one kernel, alltogether.
So that i can test out  configurations without actually change any of my hard 
disk boot directories.
Now i wonder. Is it possible to have menu.lst on a bootfloppy ?
I didn't found this issue in the texinfo - but, perhaps, a few lines about a  
'configfile' option which i'm not sure about - is this for menu.lst ?
Is it possible to realize at all ?


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