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[grub #62] [PATCH] e1000 support for grub 0.93

From: James
Subject: [grub #62] [PATCH] e1000 support for grub 0.93
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2003 23:11:38 +0900

Reporter: James Scott
Summary: [PATCH] e1000 support for grub 0.93
Version: 0.93
Type: feature request

This patch adds e1000 support to grub 0.93.  This support must be enabled by 
./configure --enable-e1000 

It appears that the physical interface is a compile-time option in the e1000 
driver I munged.  A message is produced on boot if this is set wrongly, change 
it by looking for e1000_o_CFLAGS in two places in the patch. 

Please send followups to <address@hidden>.

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