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[grub #63] Grub useless for servers - lacking the lilo -R option

From: kl-grub
Subject: [grub #63] Grub useless for servers - lacking the lilo -R option
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 04:36:58 +0900

Reporter: address@hidden
Summary: Grub useless for servers - lacking the lilo -R option
Version: 0.9.2
Type: feature request

Hi guys,

I can see that the fact that Grub is missing the On-Next-Boot (-R) option from 
Lilo has been discussed before (found it with google). However I couldn't find 
it in the bug database.

I just wanted to say that I work with a lot of headless servers - at remote 
hosting facilities and such - and at home I have a server in the closet in the 
kitchen (we live small - 40m2) without a screen - and whenever I update my 
kernel it has happened to me that the kernel didn't just work (often because 
oldconfig didn't preserve devfsd :( ) but the thing here is - that I would like 
to use Grub - but then it would need this feature, otherwise it it would be too 
big a risk trying new kernels on the machines. Ofcourse I test them here, but I 
don't always have the same hardware so I can't be sure it'll actually work. And 
with f.ex. IBM hardware I can remotely call in and reboot the box if it panics 
- but I can't make it select another boot-option.

So the short version of this, is that I would very much like to promote the 
On-next-boot (only) option being added to grub.

Please send followups to <address@hidden>.

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