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From: Madam
Date: Sun, 06 Jul 2003 23:44:15 -0700

   UTRECHT LOTTO  PROMOTIONS. B.V .  Office of the Executive Promotion Director 
International Promotions Dept .
Ref : Ut /4348859607/ wpi .
Batch : Am / 53476 /ap3a .
Dear Sir ,
We are pleased to inform you of the release of the winner lists of the great 
Utrecht lotto Holland sweepstakes lotteries held on the month of May 2003.You 
were entered through a computer selection as an independent client with 
reference number : HL/202567/UDA. Your name attached to the ticket number : 
Utr. 53179 drew a lucky winning number , which consequently won the sweepstake 
in the second category in four parts .
You have therefore been approved for a payment of  Euros743.000.00  (Seven 
hundred and fourty-three thousand Euros) in cash credited to file reference 
number  UPM/458278-735/PT5 . This is from a total cash prize of Euros 
25,560.900 ( Twenty-five million , five hundred and sixty thousand , Nine 
hundred  Euros ) shared among the international winners in all categories , 
congratulations !!!!! .
All participants were selected through a computer system drawn from 98.000 ( 
Ninety-eight thousand ) names around the world , as part of our first 
international promotions programme , which was conducted in the April month of 
the calender. Due to mixed up of some names and addresses , we ask that you 
keep this award personal , until your claims has been processed and your funds 
remitted to you . This is part of our security measures to avoid double 
claiming or unwarranted impersonation by other participants and or 
impersonators .
To begin your claims, Please contact our agent for your "Release order form". 
Complete and return by fax  to Attention : Mr Simon Winter  ( Transfer 
Director) Aids & Finances Consultancy .Tel Number : 0031- 630-662-663 . Tel : 
0031- 630-354-048 . Fax : 0031- 61- 970- 8248. Amsterdam . Email: 
address@hidden  .  They are responsible for the processing and transfer of your 
winnings to you .
Your security file number is UT-56777-BC88 . ( Keep personal ) . Remember , all 
prize money must be claimed not later that (25-07-03). After this date funds 
might be returned to the Ministerie  van  Economie  as  unclaimed . 
Furthermore, should there be any changes in your address, do inform your claims 
agent as soon as  possible . Once again  Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!! . 
Sincerely yours ,
Dr (Madam )Vivian Van  Hemel .  ( The chief executive director  ) .
Address : Nr . 202 Utrecht  Plaza  , Post Bus 4321 C.C. Utrecht . The 
Netherland .
 Email :  address@hidden .


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