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Can you help me?

From: Kyung Lim
Subject: Can you help me?
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2003 17:22:33 -0400

I recently purchased FinalScratch, it's a music program that let's you play music files from your computer to a analog 12'' records. The program came with a setup disk which had the GRUB to load the start up menu to choose between the program and windows. I believe the GRUB was set to run on a FAT32 system and my computer converted back to NTFS and I can't seem to load the menu screen from boot-up. I was wondering how I can bypass the GRUB or remove it competely from starting up. The computer is going to the GRUB process first and I'm getting an error message and can't start up windows. I already contacted the company I bought the program from but I would appreciate any help I can get.  Thanks alot.

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