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Need help booting 3 OS

From: Riboy Reyes
Subject: Need help booting 3 OS
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 00:42:41 +0800

Gud day,

I have two hard drives. 1st drive has only 1 partition w/c is an ntfs with windows xp. I, then add a 2nd drive with 4 partitions: fat32, fat32, fat32, linux. What I did was first disabled (from bios) the 1st drive then booted from CD and installed Windows 98 on drive E:\, w/c is the 3rd partition of the 2nd drive. Rebooted and win98 works fine with windows directory on drive e:\ and io.sys (file) on drive c:\. Rebooted again and disabled all drives (hdd) and booted from Mandrake v9.0 installation CD and installed it on the 4th partition of the second drive. Installation complete! Reboot... enabled all drives... and now, by default, Mandrake uses LILO... booted Mandrake and changed LILO to GRUB coz LILO won't boot win98 but booted winxp. After changing LILO to GRUB and edited menu.lst.... still can't boot win98. I tried map hd0 to hd1 and vice-versa, even hiding hd0,0... what happens is that it'll boot on the second drive but cannot load win98 coz drive E:\ does not exist. Although it's there! Tried working around some editing on menu.lst but still can't boot win98 on the second drive.

I even come up with a drive C and D with the same content, drive E and H with the same content drive F and I also with the same contents. Funny... my wind98 directory is now at drive F where it should be on drive E. hahaha

Will you please help me? Winxp on the 1st drive booted well and also Linux. But how can I boot win98 on the 2nd drive with 4 partitions and my win98 directory is at the 3rd partition of the second drive? We all know that if I disable the first drive, GRUB is non existing and it'll boot win98. hahaha. Will you plz help me?

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