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Re: Grub & CD

From: Chris Lingard
Subject: Re: Grub & CD
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 20:58:22 +0100
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On Tuesday 08 July 2003 1:47 pm, Treutwein Bernhard wrote:

> > > Someone has to experiment with it ...
> it is not possible to chainload into the CD, when coming from
> a floppy, GRUB does not recognize the CDROM :-(
> but that might also be BIOS dependent ...

I do noot need it to do that;  once the floppy image boots the
initrd and linuxrc will detect and mount the CD.

> but that might be a smaller patch, but not on my side, I'm not
> a C guru.
> But, as far as I understand Leonid's posting, it should work,
> when having it on a CD in no-emulation mode.

Guess I am going to have to read the archives and google a lot.

I have a method of running lilo on a 2.88Mb image and using that
as the -b  boot.img, but am hoping to prune it to 1.44Mb

I was under the impression that if I make a grub boot floppy, copy it
to a 1.44Mb file; and use this as the -b boot.img,  this would work

I thought that the BIOS read the whole image  kernel/initrd from the
CD when set to boot from CD.  I am not too sure how to use grub
to make the jump, so that the BIOS passes control to grub.

I am not likely to issue a new CD before autumn/winter; so I have lots
of time :-)  Any pointers for information welcome.

> See also: http://www.nu2.nu/bootablecd/ about the no-emulation
> mode although this page is quite heave directed to Redmont and
> other commercial stuff.

This is no use to us; if we cannot build it from source, we do not use it.

> PS: Please keep me informed about successes/failures.

Will do


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