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Re: Grub on mbr without Linux

From: gadya
Subject: Re: Grub on mbr without Linux
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 12:05:21 +0100

I have succeeded in installing grub on the MBR and using grub to load win95
without  having Linux on the PC.

However, I also tried as an alternative to install Grub on the win95
partition boot sector and got this interesting result. Grub brought up the
Grub menu which contained an entry for the 95 partition but when I selected
and booted that partition the Grub menu appeared again - an endless loop.

the Grub entry was:
rootnoverify (hd0,0)
chainloader +1

I assume the problem is that the blocklist address points to the partition
boot record which has itself been modified by Grub to bring up the initial
menu. I have tried 1+1 and other values but they do not work.

I can restore the partition boot record and boot without Grub or I can
install Grub to the MBR, but there must be a simple solution to the problem
of installing in the partition on the Boot record.


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Subject: Re: Grub on mbr without Linux

> victor sperber writes:
>  > I use the grub loader which came with Red Hat Linux 7.2.  I now
>  > no longer use Linux.  Can I set up grub as a loader (on the
>  > mbr) on a PC which has no Linux installed? If so, how?
>  >
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