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VMWare 4.0. RedHat 9, and GRUB .93

From: Todd Kennedy
Subject: VMWare 4.0. RedHat 9, and GRUB .93
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 17:43:21 -0400
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I have a dual-boot system (Windows XP and RedHat 9) and I'm using GRUB as my boot loader (which is wonderful in all regards). But, I'm having a problem using VMWare to boot the Windows XP partition.

My set up is as follows:
/dev/hda1 80 GB NTFS Windows XP installation
/dev/hdb1 128MB Linux Swap partition
/dev/hdb2 79 GB Linux ext3 partition (/)

My device map is:
(fd0)   /dev/fd0
(hd0)   /dev/hda
(hd1)   /dev/hdb

When I boot up the XP partition within VMWare, it starts to boot and then hangs printing only GRUB out on the screen, and then doensn't respond.

The FAQ said to check my /etc/grub/device.map (listed above), which is fine. Has anyone else run into this problem, or better yet, have any idea of how to fix it. I'd really like to be able to run XP in a VMWare session so I don't have constantly reboot into the different OSes.

Thank you very much!

Todd Kennedy

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