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[PATCH] use dynamical allocation in device.c:get_*_name ()

From: Robert Millan
Subject: [PATCH] use dynamical allocation in device.c:get_*_name ()
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 16:49:41 +0000
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This patch fixes lib/device.c to use dynamic allocation for the
device names obtained in get_*_name () functions:

 - the name variable is returned by the functions instead of
   passing by reference, so that they can allocate it themselves.
 - the get_*_name functions use asprintf() to allocate the device
   name dynamicaly.
 - for NetBSD, it still uses static allocation since the "opendisk"
   call is unable (that i know of) to deal with dynamic buffers.

This fix is needed to work for kernels that have device names longer than
16 chars, and for GCS compliance (section 4.1).

Robert Millan

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