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netbooting dos images?

From: Hans-Peter Jansen
Subject: netbooting dos images?
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 19:33:03 +0200
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after experimenting with gfxboot from suse 8.2 a bit, I'm able to run 
successfully a customized graphical grub menu via network eb and pxe 
loaders. Nice!

Currently, my primary concern is netbooting some dos images (generated 
with mknbi-dos). This is somewhat important here, since we use them 
also for bios and bootrom flashing (e.g. e1000) in our diskless env.

Can someone give me a start on tackling this? The way to load/exec those 
images in grub differs a lot from etherboot. Any help is highly 

I've also managed to add a eb 5.1.18 based e1000 driver with some medium 
invasive patches to netboot/*.. Should I post them here for discussion?


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