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Leadership information update

From: Matt Rasmussen
Subject: Leadership information update
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 18:52:08 -0700

With AppGas being on Hiatus, some of the leadership in your team have found another more lucrative program to pursue.
This company is 11 years old and will do over $450 million in sales in 2003 in 11 different countries around the world.  This company has just reached the momentum stage in the growth cycle as revenues were $285 million in 2002.  They offer discounted gas, electricity, local calling, internet, cellular and on-line shopping.  Please review www.myfutureisnow.com for more details.
The team we have decided to join is one of the top performing teams in the world.  They have a terrific team web site at www.team-titan.com and we all get a free web site just like www.myfutureisnow.com.
We are unable to assure the structure of the AppGas heirarchy in the new company, but we will honor as many leader requests as we can accomodate.  We are going to place former AppGas reps one above another based upon a first come higher placement basis.  We have already received hundreds of responses to the placement, so act quickly if you desire to keep your heirarchy structure intact.  You can sign-up right online at www.myfutureisnow.com  This is the only place you should sign-up if you desire to have other AppGas reps put into your downline. 
Good luck and I look forward to duplicating your success in our company. 

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