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Re: reboot to specific OS from GNU/Linux

From: Nicholas Wourms
Subject: Re: reboot to specific OS from GNU/Linux
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2003 10:16:48 -0400
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Ciaran O'Riordan wrote:
Hi all,
  While running GNU/Linux, is there a way to reboot the machine
so that grub selects an entry other than the default without
presenting a menu?

I'm told LiLO can do this (LiLO -R)

i.e. if I'm dual booting, can I reboot to a non-GNU OS just once?

The SuSE GRUB SRPM (grub-0.93-23.src.rpm) contains a patch (grub-R) to emulate "lilo -R". Maybe that is what you are looking for?


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