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vesa graphics support patch

From: Shivram Khandeparker
Subject: vesa graphics support patch
Date: Sun, 07 Sep 2003 12:29:05 +0530


my patch for vesa bios graphics support in grub
is ready.
ive tested it on my geforce2 and on the asus a7 266s
integrated sis video card and it works exactly as

the patch size is 62k (thanks to the font file)
so im not attaching it.

get it from

http://www.homepage-host.uni.cc/w/shivram/grub-vbe.diff     (62k)
http://www.homepage-host.uni.cc/w/shivram/grub-vbe.diff.bz2 (9k)
http://www.homepage-host.uni.cc/w/shivram/grub-vbe.diff.gz  (10k)

if you want me to then i can also send a attachment 

I unserstand that graphics support wont be included till
version 1.0. But the todo says that graphics can be done
before v1.0.
BTW would this patch be included atleast after 1.0

what about the inclusion of this patch in the current
debian grub package 

please let me know so that i can continue the work


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