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Compact flash and 'GRUB GRUB'

From: MAL
Subject: Compact flash and 'GRUB GRUB'
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 20:54:46 +0100
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I have a system with three hard disks, (hda, hdb and hdd), and a 128MB compact flash disk, (hdc), with C/H/S 978/8/32, (detected as that by both the BIOS and the kernel).

Using linux kernel 2.4.22, booting from hdd, I created a type 0x83 partition on the compact flash, using the full size of the disk. I then formatted it with ext2, copied a minimal linux system to it, chrooted to the partition, and ran grub.

I issed the commands:

root (hdc,0)
setup (hdc)

Which executed ok, (grub.conf and the relevant stages are in /boot/grub).

However when I boot the compact flash by selecting hdd2 in the BIOS, (being the third disk), I simply get 'GRUB GRUB' printed to the screen, and no more.

I tried booting the hard disk with the kernel parameter 'hdc=flash', then chrooting to the flash and installing grub, but this doesn't help.

I have had grub running fine on this same compact flash in this same motherboard, with a different linux kernel/system utils/grub version, (0.92 I think), before.

Can anyone point out what's going wrong?


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