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problems with stage1.5 config loading

From: Michele Frettoli
Subject: problems with stage1.5 config loading
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 17:09:37

hi list,

i'm using grub-0.93 in an embedded system and recently, modifing the partitions 
layout, i encountered a problem with the bootloader .. it seemed that it didnt 
install the stage 1.5 after the mbr for a free space issue so grub didn't load 
the config file anymore. i tried to move the first primary partition forward to 
leave some bytes for the stage 1.5 and now grub can embed the stage 1.5 but it 
doesnt load the conf .. is it a known issue ? have i mistaken something ?

thank u in advance for the attention and excuse for the poor english


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