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Polishing for Version 1.0 (here partition types)

From: Treutwein Bernhard
Subject: Polishing for Version 1.0 (here partition types)
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 15:31:55 +0200

In my opinion the FIXME parts of the Hacking Grub
Section should be fixed. But in my humble opinion
I don't think that important info should be duplicated.

Andries Brouwer (afaik maintainer of fdisk) has the
pages about partitions and partition types here

Either we should ask him for re-using his infos
or the section about partition tables sould uref
to Andries pages.

Another source of information/link to are the 
following two by Hale Landis:
http://www.ata-atapi.com/hiwmbr.htm for the MBR
http://www.ata-atapi.com/hiwtab.htm for partition types.

Since he has some remark about copyleft on 
http://www.ata-atapi.com/ it might also be reusable.
        Bernhard Treutwein, IuK, Ref. III A 3
        Bernhard.Treutwein(at)verwaltung uni-muenchen de

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