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Your Response is Needed

From: Mike Tula
Subject: Your Response is Needed
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 04:17:26 +0100

Dear Sir,
I am Dr. Mike Tula a staff with the Republic of Angola Embassy in United 

 I over see and coordinate the treasury & security deposit department of the 
embassy. During one of my monthly routine inspections and collating, I 
discovered that a cargo with the content registered as family valuables that 
was brought into the embassy through
diplomatic coverage, contains US$10.5Million Dollars and not family valuables 
as the record stipulate, this I did not disclose to any person.

 This cargo has been in the cargo room for the past two years without the owner 
coming forward to claim it. As the regulation of the embassy, cargos are not 
allowed to stay more than one year in its custody.

 After these findings I made several Enquirer to locate the owner, through the 
address stated on the records. I discovered that the owner of this cargo and 
his family were killed in their house by a bomb blast during the civil war in 
ANGOLA. I made further equerries to trace any of their immediate family members 
with out any success.

In other to avoid any third party knowing about this cargo, I had the
CONSIGNMENTS moved via diplomatic cover to a financial security firm in
(SPAIN) for safekeeping. I seek your consent to work with me to safeguard this 
transaction. This will enable us set up a joint venture and invest the fund in 
your country; you will also act as a trustee to the fund. We shall discuss the 
sharing ratio and modalities for the transactions as soon as I get your 
positive response.
Best regards,
Mike Tula

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