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Re: partition table invalid or corrupt

From: Robert Millan
Subject: Re: partition table invalid or corrupt
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2003 07:01:39 +0000
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On Sat, Sep 20, 2003 at 02:26:27PM +1200, Colin Doig wrote:
> <html><div style='background-color:'><DIV>Hi</DIV>
> <DIV>Apparently my partition table is either invalid or corrupt, 
> bugger!&nbsp; I have just returned from overseas to find it like that, and my 
> brother says "it just stopped working".&nbsp; I can still boot windows by 
> doing :</DIV>
> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV>
> <DIV>root (hd0,0)</DIV>
> <DIV>chainloader +1</DIV>
> <DIV>boot</DIV>
> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV>
> <DIV>but I can't boot linux.&nbsp; When I type </DIV>
> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV>
> <DIV>geometry (hd0)</DIV>
> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV>
> <DIV>i get : drive 0x80: C/H/S=1024/255/63, The number of 
> sectors=39865392,LBA</DIV>
> <DIV>Partition num: 0, Filesystem type is fat, partition type 0xc</DIV>
> <DIV>Error : Partition table is invalid or corrupt</DIV>
> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV>
> <DIV>From memory&nbsp;the&nbsp;linux partition used to be 0, but I can't 
> really remember.&nbsp; I definitely installed linux before windows 
> though.</DIV>
> <DIV>Can anyone help me to boot linux?&nbsp; Have I lost the partition 
> ??</DIV>
> <DIV>Thanks</DIV>
> <DIV>Colin (colin_doig<A href="mailto:address@hidden";>REMOVE<A 
> href="mailto:address@hidden";>@hotmail</A>.com</A>)</DIV>
> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV>
> <DIV>PS This isn't a grub bug, sorry if&nbsp;it's in the wrong 
> place</DIV></div><br clear=all><hr>Check out the Xtra gaming servers at  <a 
> href="http://g.msn.com/8HMBENNZ/2734??PS=";>www.xtramsn.co.nz/gaming</a> 
> !</html>

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Robert Millan

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