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pxegrub + memdisk + dos + undi

From: Aaron McSorley
Subject: pxegrub + memdisk + dos + undi
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 15:18:49 -0500 (CDT)

I have an image of a dos floppy that loads
the undi driver from 3com and mounts an smb share.

This works great with pxelinux(from syslinux) and memdisk

I need to make it work with pxegrub so we can use menus.
(or figure out a menu system for pxelinux)

With pxegrub I use memdisk as the kernel and load the
dos image as a ramdisk.
The undi driver loads and doesn't complain but, the network
is not accessible. I think maybe pxegrub isn't letting me keep
the pxe stack or something. Strange that the undi driver
doesn't complain when it's loaded, usually it complains if there
is no pxe stack to grab.

Here is part of my pxegrub config
title DOS
root (nd)
kernel /memdisk keeppxe
initrd /dos/dos.img

Here is a snippet from pxelinux config
label dos
 kernel memdisk
 append keeppxe initrd=dos/dos.img

Thanks for any help
Aaron dot McSorley at amd dot com

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