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RE: Grub fails where Lilo succeeds?!?

From: Christian Farley
Subject: RE: Grub fails where Lilo succeeds?!?
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2003 08:04:46 -0400

Hi Robert.

I did report the problem in a more complete and a less provocative manner, as per:


But no one, it seems, thinks this is interesting.

Meanwhile, yes I do love grub, which is why I am resorting to this kind of "shot in the dark" because frankly, I can't accept that nobody is able to give a straight answer about this problem.

So the fundamental question here is: Can we make grub access a different memory adress space? If not, what is the standard practice for systems running applications with large vmalloc requirements.


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From:   Robert Millan [mailto:address@hidden]
Sent:   Tue 10/7/2003 5:59 AM
To:     Christian Farley
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Subject:        Re: Grub fails where Lilo succeeds?!?
On Mon, Oct 06, 2003 at 01:22:33PM -0400, Christian Farley wrote:
> Please someone tells me this is not so. I will have to revert back to
> lilo?

That won't help. If you don't like grub, don't use it.

> Increasing the vmalloc size makes grub panic while lilo has no problem
> with it.

If you want to fix grub, then report the problem properly. I recall reading
something about this but can't remember. Please re-send your message if this
is so.

Robert Millan

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