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Net driver update for S900 required

From: Mark Pavlichuk
Subject: Net driver update for S900 required
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 15:35:08 +1000
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First : thanks for a great program... I've been using it in labs as part of a remote disk imaging solution for a long while now.

My problem : The grub S900 network driver refuses to work on some new lab machines.

I looked at etherboot, and the drivers have changed upstream. Changelog comments say the updates have been incorporated from the 2.4.17 linux kernel. The lab machines won't initialise their network cards with linux kernels earlier than 2.4.17 so I'd say these updates will fix my problems in grub too. I tried copying the driver source from etherboot to grub, but this does not work. Could a driver expert please fix this or at least tell me what needs changing so I can attempt this myself?


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