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RE: 0.93 vs. 0.92?! :-o

From: Vizitiu, Ciprian
Subject: RE: 0.93 vs. 0.92?! :-o
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 20:01:29 +0200

> although I don't know if that helps you, I had several times 
> problems which are a bit similar to yours. I found the 
> following workaround (check the Grub Manual (Sec. 13.3.18 
> install) for details of the "d" flag.
> setup (hd0) tells you the commands, which it executes, 
> especially the install. 
> Type the install command exactly as it is given by setup 
> (hd0) but add the "d" flag in the correct position.

Thanks a lot for help but no good. :-| I've just downgraded to 0.92 and
it seems to work for the time being.

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