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Re: The BSDs

From: Alexander Langer
Subject: Re: The BSDs
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 13:44:46 +0200
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Thus spake Dan Kegel (address@hidden):

> Let's say somebody wants to use Grub to boot all their
> operating systems.  To achieve this, it helps if the operating
> systems support the multiboot spec.

You can use the chainloader for *BSD and still boot "all your operating

> Adding multiboot support to BSD will probably be easier for various
> reasons if there is an all-BSD way of testing it (without any
> strange non-BSD bootloader stuff like Grub).

It will be easier to configure GRUB, but will introduce 100s of points
of failure for both GRUB developers and *BSD users, as it will be a real
pain to keep the stuff up-to-date and as e.g. the FreeBSD boot loader does
a _lot_ more than just what's given in the multiboot specification
(taken a quick look).

Why add redundant functionality?


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