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An update for the netboot files?

From: Feng Shuo
Subject: An update for the netboot files?
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 11:27:59 +0800


I’m working on moving the latest Intel E1000 driver from etherboot-5.3.
3 to current grub.
Must say it’s a hard work:(, Etherboot has changed its netboot files so
much while grub 
still use the ones in 5.0.5. So, if someone wants to do some 'transport'
work, he must
handle these new features in his driver ---- which will cause lots of
redundancy in code.

And what should we do now? I mean we can rewrite the files in 'netboot/'
to do an update 
with the latest etherboot version ---- that will ease our future work in
supporting new 
network cards. Or, we can make a 'translation' layer in 'netboot/' to
support new drivers
---- that will decrease the work of rewriting. Or we still keep the
current status and let
the driver writer to do this?

Has anybody working on any of these works? If yes, I can do some help.

Thank you.

Feng Shuo
Email: address@hidden
National Engineering Centre for High Performance Computer
Institute of Computing Technology,Chinese Academy of Sciences
6,Kexueyuan Road South,
Haidian District, Beijing,China

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