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Re: Partnew command parameters documented incorrectly

From: Yoshinori K. Okuji
Subject: Re: Partnew command parameters documented incorrectly
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2004 11:43:22 +0100
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On Saturday 28 February 2004 12:10, Jeroen Dekkers wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 27, 2004 at 06:36:36PM -0500, Walt Neubauer wrote:
> > The documentation I was able to find indicated that the partnew
> > took the beginning and end sectors as parameters.  That gave really
> > odd results, but using the beginning sector, and the number of
> > sectors did the trick.
> This has been fixed in grub 0.94. I spotted a small inconsistency
> however. The patch below fixes that.
> Okuji, is it OK to commit?



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