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Problems chainloading grub from Windows boot loader

From: Paul Galbraith
Subject: Problems chainloading grub from Windows boot loader
Date: Sun, 07 Mar 2004 16:11:49 -0500
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I can't get the Windows boot loader to properly chain load GRUB. Everytime I try to boot, I get the "GRUB" message on the screen and then the system hangs at that point.

Interestingly, when I boot GRUB from a floppy I can then chain load the version of GRUB that is installed on my hard drive, and the boot process is fine...so I don't think I have a configuration problem. I've got a bit of a mess as far as hard drives and controllers go, so I think that this is the real problem.

Following is some more detail about what I've done.

I installed grub from a floppy with these commands:

        root (hd2,1)
        setup (hd2,1)

This seemed to work fine (except for complaints about the ext 1.5 stage file which threw errors).

After installing, I can then boot from the floppy with this set of commands:

        root (hd2,1)
        kernel /vmlinux root=/dev/hda2
        initrd /initrd.img

I can also chain load grub on the hard drive like this:

        root (hd2,1)
        chainloader +1

...which loads grub from the hard drive, where I can continue booting with the kernel and initrd commands mentioned above.

I then grabbed the boot sector and stored it on my windows boot partition like this:

        dd if=/dev/hda2 of=/win/c/bootsect.deb bs=512 count=1

...and then added this line to boot.ini on my windows boot partition:


I think that's the standard approach...but, when I reboot the system and select "Debian" from the Windows boot loader menu, I get hung with only "GRUB" appearing on the screen.

I don't think I've done anything wrong...can anyone confirm this?  Thanks!



As I said, I think the problem is related to the myriad of drives and controllers I have...for anyone interested here is my physical drive configuration:

Onboard PDC20276 raid controller: Two physical drives are connected, but are mapped as a single RAID 1 drive -- this contains my windows partitions, and is my boot drive, and the MBR boots the windows boot loader. The drive is (hd0) according to grub, and is /dev/ataraid/p0 in linux.

Onboard IDE controller: This has another drive connected with a single data partition (I never boot anything on this drive). This drive is (hd1) in grub, and /dev/hdi in linux.

Promise Ultra 133 IDE Controller: This controller has another drive connected, and this drive has my Linux partitions. This drive is (hd2) in grub, and /dev/hda in linux.

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