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www.cvv.ru - would like to thank you for your purchase on our web site

From: node-fin
Subject: www.cvv.ru - would like to thank you for your purchase on our web site
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 13:43:17 -0800

You've just purchased set of Maibach brand earthenware on web site cvv.ru
Easy to use, Maibach kitchenware is also famous for its modern look. 
Our utensils, designed for easy and fast cooking of a variety of foods, will 
lower your energy consumption rate and save your time and money. 
If you are looking for a reliable and trouble-free kitchen help, you have just 
found it. 
All Maibach kitchenware is made of stainless steel - a proven chrome and nickel 
18/10 alloy. Easy to use and famous for its modern look, Maibach kitchenware 
allows you to simultaneously cook several dishes on one burner. 
A heat-absorbing base, built for optimal transmission of thermal energy from 
the burner to the cookware, is the most important feature of Maibach utensils. 
The exclusive Platinum model uses a triple heat-absorbing base, guaranteeing a 
still better protection of food from burning. Even and smooth heating of the 
utensil's base and sides prevents food from burning. 

We are glad to offer to our customers the most generous reward program:
every customer who spent with us more than USD 249.99 or Euro 199.99, 
automatically qualified for bonus. Choose your bonus:
1. Sony VHS cassette with 240 minutes of best underage porno you ever see. 
(NTSC and Secam both are available)
2. Bestselling manual "How to create plastic bomb in home" and "How to hijack a 
train or an aircraft, with color pictures and FAQ"

To cancell order: address@hidden
Bulk orders: address@hidden
Refund Service ICQ#307004

All Maibach products are covered by lifetime warranty. 

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