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Re: update: pxegrub not loading configfile

From: Yedidyah Bar-David
Subject: Re: update: pxegrub not loading configfile
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 14:30:08 +0200
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On Sun, Mar 14, 2004 at 03:27:58PM +0800, Feng Shuo wrote:
> Thank you very much for your work :). It seems that the DHCP problem
> only occurs on tg3 cards. Any one who has one of the following cards can
> check the new driver in my patch? (Without the dhcp-hack, of course
> *^_^*)
>       Broadcom Tigon 3
>       Sysconnet 9DXX
>       Altima AC1000(3)

0.93 + the two patches in bug #8061 work for me, on both e100 and the
tigon3 in the DL380.
You might want to know that it takes quite a lot of time (on both this
version and the previous one) - around 20 seconds from the first dhcp
request of PXE to the grub menu. On the e100 it's 2-3 seconds.
But I guess this is something to report to etherboot, not you.

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